Text Material

We offer a wide range of material including, tables showing an overview of each course, texts introducing various pedagogical topics, key notes on themes, self-learning activities, teaching material, suggestions for lessons plans as well as background material such as articles or book chapters.

The Research Journal

Different tasks and activities invite participants to go beyond a mere theoretical engagement. We invite participants to reflect on their professional learning and encourage practicing teachers to try out various new approaches in their own lessons. We also introduce practitioner research methods and recommend the use of a research journal to accompany the work on our elewa courses.

Videos & Interviews

Video introductions by the course leaders are supplemented by video interviews with experts from various fields as well as with teachers and sometimes students who talk about their classroom experiences or specific projects. Thus different perspectives on the themes in focus are offered.

Collegial Exchange & Communication

Since learning is also a social process, discussion forums invite collegial exchange and discourse about the topics of e-courses. Moreover, most courses introduce guidelines for online and offline forms of collegial communication and encourage participants to make use of this form of mutual support and enrichment. Participation in these forums offers the chance to reflect on and deepen your individual learning experience.

Our Course Instructors


Ulrike Sievers


Martyn Rawson


Ulrike Barth


Birte Vestergaard


How To Get Started?

4 steps to learning with elewa

Register for your personal account

In order to enroll in an elewa course, a personal account is required. You can easily register for free - just click on the button which says “Register”. You will be asked for your Username and email address. Here you can also sign up for the elewa newsletter. For finishing the process, you need to solve a mathematical problem in to order to proof that you are human.

Find a suitable course

On the "all courses" page you will find an overview of the wide range of courses we offer. Additionally you can search for courses according to different categories, such as the course language (German or English), the subject (Foreign languages, Mathematics), the general topic (Inclusion) or the age group (upper school). The course curriculum gives you an impression of what to expect.

Enroll in a course

Once you have read the information provided and have found the topic you are looking for, you can enroll in the course by clicking the button “Take this course”. Now you can start the journey and enjoy a new, creative and flexible learning experience. Your individual profile will provide information about the course you are enrolled in or you have taken. Here you are also informed about deadline etc.

Start on your learning journey

Elewa courses provide all the documents and information needed for the journey. You can start your learning experience by clicking on the first lesson in the curriculum which is visible as a content side-bar on the left-hand side of the texts, once you have started. If you prefer a bigger space for the texts /videos you can make the side bar disappear by clicking the double arrow. Once you have marked a lesson as being completed, you will find a green tick next to it on the side-bar. So you always know where you are in the course. All you need now is to find space in your daily schedule, bring a 'learning journal' and enjoy the journey!